Things Which May Affect Your UX

Your web design has the aim of pushing your company’s set goals through its aesthetics, how it works, and the ease of navigating it.

Read on to discover the seven basic web design mistakes that hurt your user’s experience and know what to avoid when designing.

Hidden Features and Information:

There’s nothing as annoying as when a feature or piece of information that is supposed to be on a page but is nowhere to be found. This can cause the user to abandon your site irrespective of the good content that you have. Most of the features or information usually hidden are:

  • Navigation
  • What the company does
  • Why you should patronize them
  • Contact address, cell number, email addressand social media address.
  • Links

I know you’re probably asking if it matters that these little details are missing. Yes, it does. And remember the value is in the details.

Poorly Placed Or Lack of Contact Info:

This is another common mistake that most web designs have. The best place to leave contact is at the side of the page or at the bottom, never at the top. The reason is that this could lead visitors away from your site. Also, the lack of contact addresses makes it impossible for a user to reach you, hence, they become frustrated and leave.

Too many Ads and Links:

Ads are not bad, not at all. But it becomes a problem when it shows up too often. The same applies to links and popups, especially if they have no back buttons. These hamper user experience as it slows down their devices by increasing bandwidth usage and making navigation frustrating.